How Freight Brokers Works With Shippers to Find the Best Deal

Freight brokers are the go-between for the shippers and cargo providers. They act as the mediator between the two parties. Their role is to find shippers that will provide the best service at the lowest cost, while finding the best transportation options for their clients. Their ability to perform this task is greatly beneficial to their customers because it helps them save time and money.

What duties do freight brokers perform? They are primarily responsible for finding the best shippers and the best transportation providers to move their shipments. They are also responsible for negotiating with the carrier to take possession of the shipments once they have been shipped. Once the containers have been delivered, freight forwarders then make sure that they are in accordance with the local laws.

How do they get their information? To find the best shippers using freight brokerage software, most freight brokers access carrier and shipper's information databases. This information contains information on hundreds of thousands of shippers and carriers nationwide. They then compare this information to determine who offers the best prices and the best service.

Are there any restrictions on the kind of carrier's freight brokers can choose? Yes. The majority of states require that freight brokers obtain their information from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). The FMCSA regulates all aspects of the trucking industry including the labeling of the actual loads as well as the physical loading and unloading of the vehicles. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines or charges.

Can brokers use their direct connections with shippers to secure better deals? Yes. In most cases, a broker has established relationships with certain transportation intermediaries that help them locate shippers that will provide the best service at the lowest rates. In addition, they may also have access to carriers that will offer them guaranteed shipments. If a broker using software to start your freight brokeragehas used a third party agent to locate a shipper, they are not technically required to disclose this fact to their customers, but they are required to be truthful in order to remain in business.

What are legal process agents and how do they relate to freight brokers? A legal process agent is a person that acts as an independent contractor with a company. They are responsible for locating a qualified carrier that will ship a particular shipment through legal process services. They are paid by the company for locating that carrier and sending the shipment through their channels. Read more, visit

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